Fast Way to Send Rupiah Money Abroad with Low Cost

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Now the need for people to make transactions or transfer money to other countries is increasingly being requested. This could be because you do business with strangers or finance families and children who go to college abroad. As we know, the cost of living abroad is huge.

Fast remittances will certainly be people's favorite. Moreover, now many money transfer applications between countries already equipped with interesting features to make transfers less complicated and more quickly accepted by transfer recipients. Of course this makes convesional banking services more left behind.

Fast Way to Send Rupiah Money Abroad with Low Cost

So what are the advantages of international remittances via the app?

1. Easier and Can Be Done Anytime

With smartphone apps, transactions are certainly more practical. You can send money overseas directly from home. Simply by opening the app and entering the necessary data, your money can be sent directly to the destination account abroad.

2. Transaction Fees and Exchange Rate Conversions Are Relatively Cheaper Than Banks

Unlike banking services, online money transfer services between countries apply relatively cheap rates, which can reach half the price of the total transfer fee pegged to the bank.

3. Equipped with Features That Can Facilitate Transaction Process

Remittance applications usually also feature transaction history, transaction status tracking, and up-to-date exchange rate information. In one app, you can already get the latest financial information while making remittances more convenient.

4. Relatively Faster Delivery Period

Not only is it faster in terms of delivery procedures, the length of time it takes for money to get to the destination account is relatively shorter. The bank's standard delivery time is usually about 2-4 days. For those who want to save time sending money abroad, online apps are certainly the most appropriate choice.

Cheap Money Transfer Abroad Application

With the 4 advantages above, it's time for you to abandon the complicated conventional methods. To facilitate your transaction needs, Transfez with its application provides a practical, inexpensive and fast solution.

Transfez app serves remittance transactions to over 47 countries and counting spanning continental Europe and Asia including Australia. Admin fees and exchange rate conversions can save up to 91 percent. About its security, there is no need to worry because Transfez already has a license and direct supervision from Bank Indonesia since 2011.

If you want to transfer money between countries, to Australia for example. You will only be charged a transfer fee of Rp 74,000. But for those of you who are first time transferring to Australia or any other country, you will not be charged a transfer fee or free of charge. Of course by using promo code "FREETRY".

In Transfez application, the process of registration and remittance takes place fairly quickly. All you have to do is create an account by registering your email and password. Once you're confirming your email address, complete your account profile right away. Transfez will later verify your account so you can make remittances to 47 countries, one of which is a quick money transfer to Australia. The way of money transfer will be spelled out in the following steps :

Fast Way to Send Rupiah Money Abroad with Low Cost

- Select the currency of the destination country

- Enter the amount of money to be sent. Then select the recipient's currency. The amount of money that the recipient will receive, the exchange rate, transaction fee, and the estimated amount of money to the recipient's account will be immediately listed

Next, make payment to Transfez account at BCA, BNI, Danamon, or Mandiri bank

- Once the payment is complete, you can track the delivery status in the Activity menu of the Transfez mobile app.

With an easy-to-operate smartphone app and rich in interesting features, Transfez can provide extra convenience. In less than a day, sending funds abroad can be done immediately. Interested in trying Transfez service? Visit its official website for more information, or you can go download Transfez at App Store (IOS) and Play Store (Android).

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